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 Half-tied hair like this, it's the little fairy that's right! 👩  Pick out a bunch of hair from the left and twist it clockwise. 👩  Pull the twisted hair bundle outward. 👩  Use a hairpin to fix it slightly and set it aside. 👩  Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the right side, merge with the left braid, tie it with a rubber band, then turn the braid over and pull it loose to make the braid line look better. 👩  Flip the hair under the braid several times along the rubber band, hide the hair tail and fix it with a hair clip, and spray the styling product to complete.
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 Dating hair style guide, quickly collect it! 💨   Braided into three strands. 💨  First, take a piece of hair from the left and right sides of the front. 💨  Then tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail. 💨  Flip the ponytail around. 💨  Then pass the front braid through the middle of the ponytail, and hide the rubber band. Such a simple dating hairstyle is OK.
 Refuse to send out the disheveled hair, this kind of half-tied hair is so beautiful! 💁 Take out the same amount of hair from the left and right sides and tie it with rubber bands. 💁 Flip the hair out from the middle of the top of the rubber band, showing the style shown in the picture. 💁 Repeat the same steps on the other side of the braid. 💁 Then pass one of the braids through the other. 💁 Pass the tresses that passed through each other again. 💁 Take two strands of hair under the braid. 💁 Merge together. 💁 Turn it around. 💁 The braids are torn loosely. 💁 Finally, decorate with hair accessories, and curl the ends of the hair with a curling iron. A nice half-tie hair is complete.
5 super practical hair care "good habits", stick to it, hair quality will get better and better! Then the editor will share with you 5 super practical hair care "good habits", as long as you stick to it, I believe your hair quality will get better and better! ✋  Stay up late Staying up late is the biggest natural enemy of baldness and hair loss. The consequences of abnormal work and rest are not only the appearance of dark yellow complexion and dark circles under the eyes, but also the killer of your dry hair. Therefore, we must stay up late at ordinary times. Regular and adequate sleep can ensure the normal secretion of various hormones in the body and allow the skin and hair to carry out a good metabolism. It is recommended to try to sleep before 23:00 and get enough sleep for 8 hours a day. ✋  Tea seed oil hair care Before shampooing, you can add an appropriate amount of pure tea oil into warm water. When rinsing, the tea oil will evenly adhere to the hair, makin
  French girly hair style Step 1: Take out a small bunch of hair from the side hair area and twist it a few times. Step 2: Repeat the same operation on the other side, and tie the two hairs together behind the head. Step 3: All hair is divided into two parts and braided into three braids to the end of the hair. Step 4: The three-strand braid is rolled up on one side to form a small bun. Step 5: Repeat the same operation on the other side. This hairstyle is super simple, and the handicapped party can easily control it~
  This Mrs. Double Ponytail looks good! 💖 Step 1: Divide the hair into two evenly from the back of the head. 💖 Step 2: Divide the hair on the right side into 2 hair bundles and tie them with rubber bands. The same steps are on the left. 💖 Step 3: Flip all four bundles of hair from the middle. Then put the hair tress 1 into the hair tress 2 from top to bottom, and do the same steps on the other side. 💖 Step 4: After finishing the rendering, put on your favorite hair accessories, and this braid is complete!
 Get it in 4 simple steps! ✋ Step 1: Take out part of the hair from the top of the head. ✋ Step 2: Tie the separated hair with a rubber band, then cut a hole in the middle, and flip it from the outside to the inside. ✋ Step 3: Then take this bunch of hair to the top of the head first, and use it later. Then tie the remaining hair into a low ponytail. ✋ Step 4: Put down the hair on the top of the head and divide it into two parts, which are used to tie the low ponytail, and tie it underneath with a rubber band. Put on your favorite hair accessories and you are done!